Tix Integrated Development Environment

TIDE applications are a suite of development applications that run with Tk/Tcl (http://tcl.activestate.com) or Python (http://www.python.org). using the Tix widget set.
IDE Studio: Python IDE Editor
IDEStudio is an enhanced version of the standard Python Idle Integrated Development Environment, featuring:
  • Embedded Idle Editor,
  • Visual class and method inspector of editor files;
  • Integrated PYDOC on-line help;
  • Intrgrated productivity tools, such as find, grep and execute scripts.

SpecTix: Multi-language Interface Builder
SpecTix provides a development environment to build applications with graphical user interfaces that run on multiple platforms with multiple languages.

SpecTix generates target code for the following languages:

  • Tcl with the Tk toolkit.
  • Java with AWT
  • Perl with the Tk toolkit.
  • Python with the Tkinter toolkit.
  • Ruby with the Tk toolkit.

TixXf: Interactive Interface Builder
TixXf allows you to interactively build and modify a user interface based upon the Tk widgets. The output generated by TixXf is a Tcl/Tk script that can be executed with wish or any other Tcl/Tk interpreter. It features:
  • editing "on the fly". TixXf is running as a part of the application (not in an external tixwish),
  • editing of existing Tcl/Tk or Tix programs,
  • placing and sizing of widgets by direct manipulation,
  • full access to all widget attributes,
  • cut and paste functionality,
  • "templates" that can be inserted in your program.

TixClips: an IDE for CLIPS
TixClips is an Integrated Development Environment for CLIPS using the TclClips SWIG wrapping.
  • Complete access to Tcl from CLIPS;
  • Complete acces to CLIPS functionality from Tcl;
  • Integrated on-line help;
  • Ability to load Protege projects into CLIPS;
  • Integrated productivity tools, such as find, grep and execute scripts.

Tixapps: Tix Applications
TIDE applications use the Tixapps framework, and many of the component Widgets are written in Objected Tix, with wrappers to make then directly available to Python. Tixapps require Tix 8.1.3 from http://tix.sourceforge.net.


No support for Tixapps is available at this time.

For bug reports and patches regarding Tixapps, use the Tixapps User's Forum