TixInspect 1.7

TixInspect is based on Sam Shen's Tkinspect. It requires Tix 8.1.3 or later from http://tix.sourceforge.net, and has been tested under Linux and Windows.

Tixinspect Introduction

tixinspect is an inspector for Tix/Tk applications. It uses Tk's send command to retrieve information from other Tk applications. When you choose an application through the File/Select Interpreter menu, lists will be filled with the names of the procs, globals, and windows the the application. Clicking on one of those names will fill the value window with the definition of the proc, the value of the global variable, or various information about the window. The value window is editable and its contents can be sent back to the selected application.

Tcl commands can be sent to the seleted application using the Command: entry, or through a command line (via the File/New Command Line menu) interface to the application.

TixInspect includes preliminary support for Python 2.1 Tkinter applications, including some support for Idle. To use TixInspect with Python, you must turn on the dde capabilities of Tcl under Windows, or the send capability of Tcl under Unix. Under Windows, make sure you have the Tcl dde object file on your Python path (tcldde83.dll). Place the file Tkinspect.py somewhere on your Python patch. Then replace the call to Tkinter in your program with Tkinspect:

       import Tkinspect
       root = Tkinspect.Tk()
Under Unix there is no object file to load, but you must have an Xauthority file and run your server with Xauth enabled. Consult your Xwindows documentation for specifics on how to do this. You must use an .Xauthority file: xhost + is not sufficient. From the Tk send documentation:
In order to provide at least a small amount of security, Tk checks the access control being used by the server and rejects incoming sends unless (a) xhost-style access con trol is enabled (i.e. only certain hosts can establish connections) and (b) the list of enabled hosts is empty. This means that applications cannot connect to your server unless they use some other form of authorization such as that provide by xauth.


Download Tixinspect from http://tix.sourceforge.net/Tixapps/.


No support for Tixinspect is available at this time.

For bug reports or patches, please consult the Tixapps User's Forum.