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Tix for Widget Developers 

On the other hand, if you are a widget developer, Tix provides an object oriented programming environment, the Tix Intrinsics, that is carefully designed for the development of mega-widgets. If you have developed widgets in C, you will know how slow and painful such a process would be. In recognition of the difficulties in widget development, the Tix Intrinsics includes many tools that dramatically cuts down the efforts required to develop new widgets. With the Tix Intrinsics, the rapid prototyping/development of widgets is finally feasible: you can write a new widgets in the matter of hours or even minutes.

With the Tix Intrinsics, you widget code can readily become reusable. Tix also provides a set of rules and mechanisms that allow you to develop widgets that are inter-operable with other widgets.

In Part I of this manual, we will talk about using the Tix widgets. The discussion of writing new Tix widgets will be carried out in Part II.