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Chaining the subwidget Method 

Some Tix mega-widgets may have subwidgets that in turn contain subwidgets. For example, the TixExFileSelectDialog (section 5.1.3) widget contains a TixExFileSelectBox subwidget called fsbox, which in turn contains a TixComboBox (section 1.4) subwidget called dir. If we want to access the dir subwidget, we can just ``chain'' the subwidget method. For example, if we have a TixExFileSelectDialog called .file, the following command will return the pathname of the dir subwidget of the fsbox subwidget of .file:

.file subwidget fsbox subwidget dir

Moreover, the following command configures the dir subwidget to have a border of the groove type with a border width of 2 pixels:

.file subwidget fsbox subwidget dir configure -bd 2 -relief groove

The chaining of the subwidget command can be applied for arbitrarily many levels, depending whether your widget has a subwidget that has a subwidget that has a subwidget that has a subwidget ... and so on.