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Specifying Complex Selection Rules 

If you want to have more complex selection rules for the TixSelect widget, you can use the -validatecmd option. This option works the same as the -validatecmd option of the TixControl widget which we discusses in section 1.2: it specifies a command to be called every time the user attempts to change the selection inside a TixSelect widget.

In the example program 1-14, the procedure TwoMax will be called every time the user tries to change the selection of the .fruits widget. TwoMax limits the maximum number of fruits that the user to choose to be 2 by always truncating the value of the TixSelect widget to have no more than two items. If you run this program, you will find out that you can never select a third fruit after you have select two fruits.

tixSelect .fruits -label "Fruits: " -radio false -validatecmd TwoMax
.fruits add apple -text Apple -width 6
.fruits add orange -text Orange -width 6
.fruits add banana -text Banana -width 6
pack .fruits

proc TwoMax {value} {
if {[llength $value] $>$ 2} {
return [lrange $value 0 1]
} else {
return $value

(Figure 1-14) Specifying More Complex Selection Rules