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Creating a Hierarchical List 

A TixHList widget can be created by the command tixHList. However, most likely, you would want to create a TixHList with scrollbars attached. Therefore, usually you will use the tixScrolledHList command to create a scrolled hierarchical listbox (line 1 in program 4-2). The tixScrolledHList command is very similar to the TixScrolledListBox command we saw in section 2.3.1. It creates a TixHList subwidget of the name hlist and attaches two scrollbars to it.

As shown in the first five lines in program 4-2, we create a scrolled TixHList widget, using the -options switch (see section 1.3.5) to set several options for the hlist subwidget (we'll talk about these options shortly). Then, we can access the HList subwidget widget using the subwidget hlist method (line 7 in program 4-2).

tixScrolledHList .sh -options {
hlist.itemType text
hlist.drawBranch false
hlist.indent 8
pack .sh -expand yes -fill both
set hlist [.sh subwidget hlist]

$hlist add foo -text "foo"
$hlist add -text "foo's 1st son"
$hlist add foo.bor -text "foo's 2nd son"
$hlist add -text "foo's 1st son's 1st son"
$hlist add -text "foo's 1st son's 2nd son"
$hlist add dor -text "dor, who has no son"

(Figure 4-2) Creating Entries in a HList Widget