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Handling the Selection and User Event 

The handling of the selection and user events for the HList widget is very similar to the TList widget (see section 3.3.5), except that for the HList widget all the operations are based on entry-paths, not list indices. The methods info selection, selection set and selection clear can be used to query, set or clear the selection; the option -selectmode controls how many entries can be selected at a time; the options -browsecmd and -command can be used to specify a command to be called to handle user events.

There is one more option worth mentioning: the -wideselection option. When set to true, the selection highlight will be drawn across the whole HList widget (see figure 4-3). When set to false, selection highlight will be drawn as wide as the selected entry (see figure 4-5). Normally, you would set -wideselection to false when you use imagetext items inside (as we did in program 4-4).