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The Tix (Tk Interface Extension) library provides an additional rich set of widgets to Tk/Tkinter. Although the standard Tk library has many useful widgets, they are far from complete. The Tix library provides most of the commonly needed widgets that are missing from standard Tk: FileSelectBox, ComboBox, Control (a.k.a. SpinBox) and an assortment of scrollable widgets. Tix also includes many more widgets that are generally useful in a wide range of applications: NoteBook, FileEntry, PanedWindow, etc. Figure 2 shows all of the Tix widgets - there are more than 40 of them.

With all these new widgets, you can introduce new interaction techniques into applications, creating more useful and more intuitive user interfaces. You can design your application by choosing the most appropriate widgets to match the special needs of your application and users. In section 2, we review all of the widgets added by Tix. In section 3, we look at the simple object oriented class structure used to create the widgets added by Tix.