Tixapps Applications Framework

Tixapps applications are a suite of development applications that run with Tk/Tcl (http://dev.scriptics.com) or Python (http://www.python.org), using the Tix widget set from http://tix.sourceforge.net.

Applications currently included in Tixapps are:
is an inspector for Tix/Tk applications. It uses Tk's send command to retrieve infomation from other Tk applications.
a debugger to work with tixinspect.
an info browser for GNU documentation.

Utilities currently included in Tixapps are:
Miscellaneous utilities.
Objected Tix, a simple Tcl object system based on the Tix OO intrinsics, written in Tcl, required by Tixapps applications.
Some widgets written in Objected Tix, a wrapper to expose Tix objects directly into Tcl and Python.
Some Python wrappers for other Tk widgets and extensions. experimental wrapper to wrap Tcl objects directly into Python.
The WMDefault package for making Tk apps use the CDE/KDE/Windows scheme. This is also a Tix scheme, that is the default with Tix 8.1.3 and later.

For examples of other Tcl and Python applications built with Tixapps, see http://starship.python.net/crew/mike/, including:

IDE Studio: Python IDE Editor
IDEStudio is an enhanced version of the standard Python Idle Integrated Development Environment

TixClips is an Integrated Developemnt Environment for the CLIPS rule-based expert system.

TixXf: Interactive Interface Builder
TixXf allows you to interactively build and modify a user interface based upon the Tk widgets. The output generated by TixXf is a Tcl/Tk script that can be executed with wish or any other Tcl/Tk/Tix interpreter.

SpecTix: Multi-language Interface Builder
SpecTix provides a development environment to build applications with graphical user interfaces that run on multiple platforms with multiple languages.


  You can download Tixapps source from http://tix.sourceforge.net/dist/tixapps-1.8.tar.gz

You can download Tixapps binaries from http://starship.python.net/crew/mike/


For bug reports and patches regarding Tixapps, use the Tixapps User's Forum

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